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The mission of InCommon is to create and support a common trust framework for U.S. education and research. This includes trustworthy shared management of access to on-line resources in support of education and research in the United States. To achieve its mission, InCommon will facilitate development of a community-based common trust fabric sufficient to enable participants to make appropriate decisions about the release of identity information and the control of access to protected online resources. InCommon is intended to enable production-level end-user access to a wide variety of protected resources.

InCommon Governance

InCommon Steering Committee

The InCommon Steering Committee is responsible for managing the business and affairs of InCommon, including oversight and recommendations on issues arising from the operation and management of InCommon. Policies and practices approved by the Steering Committee are available on the Policies page. We also have a list of current and past Steering members. Minutes of Steering Committee meetings are available on the wiki.




Term Ends

Dee Childs

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Texas A&M University

Brad Christ Assoc. VP for Information Technology and CISO Eastern Washington University 2021
Mike Erickson (Vcie-Chair) Chief Information Officer Colorado School of Mines 2020
Ted Hanss (Chair)

Associate CIO, Medicine and Health Divisions Yale University

Christine Miki CEO Benelogic 2021
Laura Paglione (Secretary) Consultant Spherical Cow Group 2020
Sean Reynolds Vice President for Information Technology and the Chief Information Officer

Northwestern University

Marty Ringle

Chief Information Officer

Reed College

Chris Sedore

Chief Information Officer University of Texas at Austin 2021
Pankaj Shah

President and CEO


Dave Vernon

Associate CIO

Cornell University

Ann West

Associate Vice President for Trust and Identity
and Executive Director, InCommon

Melissa Woo

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Stony Brook University




Janemarie Duh Chair, InCommon Technical Advisory Committee

Lafayette College  
Chris Holmes

Policy and Legal Advisor

Baylor University

Mary-Catherine Martinez Chair, InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board Innosoft  
Von Welch

Research Community Advisor

Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research


InCommon Technical Advisory Committee

The InCommon Technical Advisory Committee provides recommendations relating to the operation and management of InCommon with respect to technical issues. See the TAC charter for more information. TAC minutes are available on the wiki. A list of current and past TAC members is also on the wiki.



Term Ends

Janemarie Duh, Chair

Lafayette College

Matt Brookover Colorado School of Mines 2020
Judith Bush OCLC 2020
Jessica Coltrin Portland State University 2021
Tom Demeranville ORCID 2020
Matthew Economou Independent Contractor 2021
Heather Flanagan Spherical Cow Consulting 2020
Eric Goodman

University of California Office of the President


Mike Grady



Eric Kool-Brown

University of Washington 2020
Mary McKee Duke University 2021
Keith Wessel

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Subject Matter Experts (non-voting)    
David Walker Independent  
Ian Young The Shibboleth Consortium  

In Memoriam - RL "Bob" Morgan, University of Washington - The InCommon community wishes to express special acknowledgement to the life and work of RL "Bob" Morgan from the University of Washington, a leader of TAC until July 12, 2012, who gave so much of himself to creating the standards, policy and technology behind the InCommon Federation and charting our course for the future of identity in higher education. It was an honor to have him among us. He left us far too soon.

Other community members contributing to InCommon operations:
Scott Cantor, The Ohio State University
Roland Hedberg, Independent
Walter Hoehn, University of Memphis
Chris Phillips, Canadian Access Federation
Rhys Smith, UK Access Management Federation
Ian Young, UK Access Management Federation

InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board

The Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) represents the InCommon community in InCommon's trust and assurance related programs and initiatives. It is advisory to the InCommon Steering Committee. You can see more information about the CTAB, including its charter and meeting minutes on the wiki.


Organization Term Ends

Mary-Catherine Martinez, Chair InnoSoft 2020
Rachana Ananthakrishnan Globus/University of Chicago 2021
Brett Bieber University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2021
David Bantz, Vice-Chair University of Alaska 2020
Chris Hable University of Michigan 2020
John Hover Brookhaven National Laboratory 2021
Adam Lewenberg Stanford University 2021
Jon Miner University of Wisconsin-Madison 2020
John Pfeifer University of Maryland, College Park 2021
Chris Whalen Research Data and Communication Technologies 2019
Tom Barton University of Chicago  
Brad Christ Eastern Washington University  


InCommon is operated by Internet2 staff, who are responsible for the business, policy implementation, technical operations, identity verification, and support of InCommon and its federation participants.

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