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Why Two-Factor? (links to Duo website)

InCommon Multifactor SolutionsSecond Factor With Your Phone

InCommon and Duo Security offers affordable pricing for phone-based second-factor authentication, including a site license for faculty/staff or faculty/staff/students (see your colleagues that have a Duo site license)

Order buttonCost Savings – One site license covers all faculty, staff, and students. See the fee chart.

Comprehensive Solution – Deploy Duo as widely as you choose with the affordable campus site license. See our FAQ.

No Additional HardwareDuo leverages a user’s smart phone. Try it with a free personal account.

More Information – See Duo's overview page for product overview, datasheet, and more.

EdTech Magazine - Loyola University Maryland's adoption of Duo.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

To prove that a login attempt is genuine, Duo Security leverages a user’s mobile phone—something almost everyone carries on today’s college campus.

When it’s time to log in, users (1) enter their username and password as they normally would, then (2) they’re contacted by Duo via their phone. After confirming the login (3) users will be logged in, just as they normally would. No muss, no fuss, no complexity.

Duo also offers a full range of services for those without smart phones, including text messages, phone calls, and hardware tokens (for those without access to a phone).

Get Started

Download the info sheet [PDF], sign the legal agreement [docx], see the fees, and purchase Duo Security two-factor authentication today.

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