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How Does eduroam Relate to the InCommon Federation?

eduroam and the InCommon Federation both use the concept of "identity federation," but incorporate different technologies to achieve their goals. The InCommon Federation is intended for access to applications and services; eduroam facilitates access to wireless networks.

Because of this loose relationship, and the significant overlap among eduroam U.S. connectors and InCommon participants, eduroam has become part of the InCommon web presence. Both are powered by Internet2—although participants in the InCommon Federation sign an agreement with Internet2's InCommon LLC, while subscribing eduroam Connectors sign an agreement directly with Internet2.

eduroam uses the IEEE 802.1X protocol (WPA2-enterprise) and a system of interconnected RADIUS servers, with the main U.S. node operated by Internet2 (contracted to ANYROAM). The InCommon Federation uses the SAML-based federating technology that is common among identity federations around the globe that serve research and education.

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