Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation

InCommon FederationThe InCommon community has adopted a set of Baseline Expecations for Trust in Federation. When implemented, these will improve interoperability among all InCommon participants and raise the level of trust across the federation.

Why Expectations?

As InCommon grows and the strategic value of research and education trust federation increases, it is important to maintain or increase the level of trust among all Federation actors. Federation makes possible the integration of resources, services, and users across the country and around the globe. By adhering to some common operating expectations, all parties involved can be assured of trust across the federation, and assess things like risk and the quality of the user experience.

  • Improve interoperability - With all adhering to a baseline, IdPs and SPs can operate with a confidence in a common level of trust.
  • Replacing the POP - The Baseline Expectations program will replace the Participant Operational Practices (POP), which has served as the way to determine an identity provider's identity and trust practices. The POP is not an automated or machine-readable process, so as the federation has grown, its value has diminished
  • Increased automation - The InCommon Federation Operator will deploy automated checks of metadata to provide entities and organizations with the information they need to stay current.

Expectations and Background

The Baseline Expectations wiki space includes:

  • links to the foundational documents,
  • a list of the expectations for Identity Providers, Service Providers, and the Federation Operator
  • a link to the implementation plan
  • other background information