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InCommon FederationThe InCommon Federation is the U.S. education and research identity federation, providing a common framework for trusted shared management of access to online resources. Through InCommon, Identity Providers can give their users single sign-on convenience and privacy protection, while online Service Providers control access to their protected resources.

Getting Started with InCommon

See the InCommon Federation wiki for details on the technology, policy, and operational aspects of joining the InCommon Federation, managing your identity system, and deploying your software. For information on the process of joining, see the "Join InCommon" web page.

Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation

The InCommon community has adopted a set of Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation to improve interoperability and ensure a common level of trust. All participants using the InCommon Federation are expected to meet these Baseline Expectations.

Federation Wiki

The InCommon Federation wiki space contains a wealth of information, inlcuding how to get started, information about Federation services (metadata, error handling), a technical guide, background information on SAML, and how to use the Federation Manager.

InCommon Assurance Program

InCommon offers an Assurance Program for those that want to demonstrate their support for the consistent management of digital identities. The InCommon community has developed Bronze and Silver profiles, which define the specific creiteria to meet to become certified.

Federation Resources

Case Studies - InCommon case studies provide information about current InCommon Participants and how they are implementing innovative approaches to federating identity and access management systems.

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