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Lists of special entities:

Organizations provide services to InCommon participants at their discretion. These lists are provided to help increase partnership and collaboration opportunities among InCommon participants. Our value as a community grows as our connections grow.

InCommon Federation Info

The InCommon Federation Info pages let you browse lists of Organizations and Entities to find out more about the participants and services that make up the Federation.

Please visit the Metadata-driven Web Page FAQ for answers to common questions. If you still have questions, or you have additional comments about these pages, please drop us a line. Our contact information is given below.

Participating Organizations

Browse all InCommon Organizations that have at least one published SAML entity, including:

  • lists of Identity Providers (IdPs) per organization
  • lists of Service Providers (SPs) per organization

Published SAML Entities

Browse all SAML Entities published in InCommon metadata, including:

  • a list of all Identity Providers (IdPs) in the InCommon Federation
  • a list of all Service Providers (SPs) in the InCommon Federation

Browse all Certified Identity Providers certified under the InCommon Assurance Program

Browse all Entity Categories asserted in InCommon metadata, or link to:

Important Note: All information on these pages is derived from InCommon metadata, and therefore the lists of organizations published here include only those InCommon participants with published metadata. Visit the InCommon Participants page for a complete list of all InCommon participating organizations.

If your organization is not currently a member of the InCommon Federation (and therefore not represented on these info pages), please join us! All InCommon participants are eligible and encouraged to take advantage of all that federated identity and access management has to offer.