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Several email lists are listed below. You can see all of the InCommon email lists available here.

Announce - General announcements from InCommon regarding new participants, event information, and other general news.

Participants - Discussion list for InCommon participants -- discussing collaboration and implementation issues.

Technical-Discuss - A discussion list forcusing on the nitty gritty of federation (and its campus implications), and discussion of InCommon's technical priorities and decisions.

InC-Ops-Notifications - This email list is used by InCommon Operations to send important notifications about modifications to the metadata generation system, service interruptions, and any other important technical announcements as they occur. All official InCommon Site Administrators are automatically subscribed to this list as a requirement to participation in InCommon services. Any other technical contacts may also subscribe.

Metadata-DIFF - This email list sends out a daily diff of two varieties. When we test the system, we publish a diff comparing the current production metadata with the test system. This prod-test diff will be generated during the published testing period. The prod-prod diff compares the previous version of the production metadata with the newly issued version of the production metadata. A diff will be generated during each signing event, so you can expect multiple diffs in a single day if we sign the metadata multiple times. These diffs are also archived.

Cert-Users - Questions and discussion about the InCommon Certificate Service.

Duo-Users - Questions and discussion about the Duo Multifactor Authentication Service.

Assurance - Questions and discussion about the InCommon Assurance Program.

IAMOnline - Email announcements of upcoming IAM Online webinars.

metadata-support - A permanent public forum to ask/answer questions related to InCommon metadata. More information about InCommon metadata, see the Metadata Services wiki page.

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