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InCommon: Trust and Security

Upon joining InCommon, participants can take advantage of the InCommon Federation, the InCommon Assurance Program, and the InCommon Certificate Service.

InCommon Federation

InCommon Federation
  • supports a common framework for trustworthy shared management of access to on-line resources
  • higher security, economies of scale, and many other benefits
  • single sign-on and privacy protection for users
  • identity providers authenticate, while service providers authorize
  • service providers no longer need to provision identity accounts

InCommon Certificates

InCommon Certificate Service
  • unlimited certificates, including SSL (including extended validation) certificates, client (ersonal) certificates, and code signing certificates
  • one fixed annual fee
  • includes certificates for all of your domains — including professional societies and athletic sites (.edu, .net, .org, .com)
  • Internet2 members receive a 25 percent discount

InCommon Assurance

InCommon Assurance
  • qualifying campuses will support requirements for consistent authentication and identity management
  • reducing risk for service providers by encouraging identity providers to adopt these structured requirements
  • particularly important for financial aid applications and federal research granting agencies
  • InCommon Bronze is roughly equivalent to confidence associated with a common Internet identity
  • InCommon Silver is similar to confidence required for financial transactions

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