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InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education, and their partners, in the United States. InCommon's identity management federation serves 10 million end-users (IPEDS data; November 2016. InCommon also operates a related assurance program, and offers certificate and multifactor authentication services.

Ten Videos Cover Policies and Technologies of Federated Identity

The Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) has developed a series of videos that will take you through the policies and technologies of identity management on a local level, as well as how identity federations like InCommon are of value. There are 10 videos that cover the topics below. You will find background information at the NSRC's website.

MCNC's Mark Johnson on Federated Identity and the Steward Program

MCNC's chief technology strategist, Mark Johnson, has published an article about the importance of federated identity and how it relates to K-14 education and the InCommon Steward Program. "MCNC and InCommon completed the required legal agreements last year to begin this work," Johnson writes, "and it currently serves as a model for what is expected to be important software infrastructure for education in the years to come."

Registration Open for Denver InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshop

Registration is open for an InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshop inDenver, Colorado (June 13-14). The two-day training sessions cover both the Identity Provider (IdPv3) software and the Service Provider software, as well as some integration issues. For details and to register, go to

Incident Handling Process in Place for InCommon Federation

InCommon Federation logoA change in the Federation Operating Policies and Practices (FOPP) allows the InCommon Federation Operator to take immediate remediation actions in the case of a security incident. That change, and a new incident handling process that documents how InCommon will act in the face of a security incident, are introduced in a blog post. The incident handling framework is now available on the wiki.

InCommon, TIER, and Trust and Identity at Internet2

Trust and Identity whiteboard videoFor more-detailed information on TIER, watch the archived webinar: What is TIER and What Does it Mean for Me?

This whiteboard video provides an overview of how Internet2's trust and identity framework—including community-developed infrastructure services like InCommon and TIER—allows higher education institutions to offer collaborative experiences, run more efficient and secure IT operations, share improved administrative practices, and enable incredible discoveries.

Certificate Service Case Studies

Dollars saved, central approval and decentralized provisioning, unlimited certs -- those are a few of the reasons campuses subscribe to the InCommon Certificate Service. Read our new case studies from the University of Minnesota and the University of Rochester for the details.

Shibboleth Identity Provider V3 Hall of Fame

Do you operate a Shibboleth IdP in the InCommon Federation? Have you upgraded to the Shibboleth Identity Provider V3? Check out our Hall of Fame of IdPv3 participants. End-of-life of IdPv2 is nigh - July 31, 2016. If you haven't done so, make your plans to upgrade and add your IdP to our list.

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