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Collaboration Success Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Summary

The Collaboration Success Program (CSP) is a training series and integration practicum intended to help jump start your plans with the community-source InCommon Trusted Access Platform. Participants work on their own implementations and get help along the way by attending and participating in the planning, training and practicum phases.

CSP members have direct access to identity architects, subject matter experts, seasoned implementation practitioners, and community CSP alumni, providing tips, tricks and troubleshooting to help get you going more quickly and aligned with community practices.

Program facilitators provide: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does InCommon provide to each participating organization?

Teams and individuals can get help through:

  • Attendance at a kick-off meeting to share your proposed plan and receive helpful hints, insights, and feedback from other participants as well as several community identity practitioners.
  • Opportunities to broaden your institution’s participation and colleagues’ skills through up to four complimentary registrations to any of the component training workshops to be used by June 30, 2021. Additional registrations are available at a reduced price. 
  • Collaborative learning through a regularly scheduled three-month series of CSP community checkpoints. These include bi-weekly status and Q&A calls, and access to practitioners and advisors using Internet2’s Slack channels and e-mail lists. These meetings and lists are open to your entire team. 
  • Assistance by component software developers, Internet2 staff, and organization integrators knowledgeable about the best practices around InCommon Trusted Access Platform integrations.

What happens after the Collaboration Success Program ends for my team?

After the integration practicum ends, your team will be asked to share your experiences and progress in a written community case study. Presentation opportunities at various meetings will also be available. 

Your team will also become a Collaboration Success Program alumni and included in special Slack and email channels for continued assistance from peers and component and integration experts. CSP alumni qualify for additional training discounts in the future.


How do we sign up?

Fill out the intent to participate form and tell us which solution and related components interest you. We’ll give you a call, talk through your plans and help you determine whether or not the CSP is right for you and your team. If it is, we’ll ask you to apply and then will send you an invoice. On the application form, you’ll need to identify a team lead to be the contact for your organization’s participation.

What is the timeframe?

The entire training series, beginning with the project planning workshop and ending with the integration practicum, starts in September 2020 and ends in April 2021. Our detailed timeline includes training dates and key milestones.

What does it cost?

While the software is community developed and open source (thus free to download), the CSP provides training opportunities, planning and integration suggestions, and help with your questions during your practicum. The $25,000 fee covers your team’s participation in one CSP cycle, including the training benefits, access to the subject matter experts, and other benefits noted above. It also includes your membership in the CSP alumni group, providing access to benefits after your integration practicum ends. You’ll need to ensure that your invoice is paid prior to the first event.

What happens if we apply and then can’t participate?

If you apply and then need to cancel, you can do so within 30 days of the date of the invoice. If you need to cancel after 30 days, no refunds will be issued, but we will defer your institution’s participation to the next CSP cycle as long as your institution didn’t attend the training or practicum.

What happens if we don’t complete our project?

The best way to ensure you get the most out of the program is to define a realistic project plan, do your homework and ask lots of questions on the Slack channels, email lists and on our calls. InCommon (including Internet2 and affiliated entities) , cannot guarantee the successful completion of your project plans in the time allotted. Nor can we guarantee that you will have production-ready software deployed at the end of April 2021. However, even if you don’t complete your project, CSP alumni have told us that that there are significant on-going benefits (trusted peer group, access to identity and software experts). We’ll still ask you to contribute a case study to help others learn from your experience. 

Who do we contact with questions?

Should you have any questions throughout the Collaboration Success Program relating to your participation and potential outcomes, please contact us at