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Assurance Advisory Committee

What is the AAC?

The Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC) is the oversight body of the InCommon Identity Assurance Program and advisory to the InCommon Steering Committee. According to the AAC charter, responsibilities include:

  • Providing oversight of the entire InCommon Identity Assurance Program;

  • Reviewing applications for certification to one or more InCommon Identity Assurance Qualifiers as set forth in the latest published InCommon Identity Assurance documents and make recommendations to the InCommon Steering Committee for the award or denial of such certifications; and

  • Recommending changes to the Identity Assurance documents and program.

Who comprises the AAC?

The AAC includes a maximum of ten voting members, representing various stakeholders, including:

  • InCommon Steering Committee member
  • IdP operators
  • SP operators
  • Auditors
  • InCommon staff
  • Individuals at large

What does the AAC do?

The Assurance Advisory Committee will assess all applications from Identity Provider operators for certification to assert one or more InCommon Identity Assurance Qualifiers, and make a recommendation (approval or denial) to the InCommon Steering Committee. The AAC will also provide a recommendation for renewals or, should the need arive, revocation.

The AAC also will provide overall guidance and support for the Assurance Program, including recommending changes to the documents and process, as implementations evolve and additional practices or approaches are developed. Finally, the AAC assesses any proposed Alternative Means and makes a recommendation to the InCommon Steering Committee.

Members serve three-year terms at the pleasure of InCommon Steering. Complete details are available in the publicly available AAC charter.

AAC Roster

For the current list of AAC members, see our "about InCommon" page.


You can contact the AAC by emailing

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