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Components of the Assurance Program

InCommon Assurance Program The InCommon Assurance Program consists of:

  • Identity Assurance Assessment Framework [PDF], providing background on the need for assurance and defines the Identity assurance trust model, including a functional model for Identity Provider Operators and a certification model.
  • Identity Assurance Profiles [PDF], describing sets of identity Provider Operator requirements (Bronze and Silver) for registering individuals, issuing credentials, and managing related identity management information. Profiles can include other aspects of identity, too.
  • Alternative Means, outlining comparable or superior methodologies for complying with the profiles. Alternative means are proposed by the community for review. Once approved, they are considered normative and can be used by other organizations.
  • Assurance Addendum [PDF], outlining the legal representations and responsibilities of InCommon and Identity Providers certified under the Assurance Program.
  • Certification of Compliance, providing a way for those Identity Provider Operators that meet the requirements of an Identity Assurance Profile to be certified by InCommon. This thorough assessment process is described more completely on the Join page
  • InCommon Metadata, containing Identity Assurance Qualifiers for InCommon-certified Identity Providers.
  • Program Oversight, provided by the Assurance Advisory Committee, an advisory body to the InCommon Steering Committee. Identity Providers complete a certification process and pay an annual fee (in addition to the existing InCommon participation fee).

Additional Documents and Resources

Program FAQ

Practice and Community Guidance Contributions can be found on the Assurance wiki

Email list for webinar announcements, discussions, and call schedules. (Use the link, or send email to with the subject line: subscribe assurance)

Glossary of Assurance Terms

Overview of the assurance criteria for policies and identity management programs

Bronze and Silver logos for use by certified participants.

Deprecated IAP and IAAF documents (previous versions)

InCommon Federation Operating Policies and Practices [PDF]

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