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When managers and practitioners want to learn about — and explore — issues related to identity and access management, they turn to CAMP. In fact, InCommon offers three flavors of CAMP: CAMP (Campus Architecture and Middleware Planning), Advance CAMP and BaseCAMP.

BaseCAMP BaseCAMP serves those who are new to the InCommon Federation, new to identity management, or new to the InCommon Trusted Access Platform identity and access management software suite.

CAMP — CAMP promotes effective campus identity practices and educates higher education institutions and their partners about participating in a national and growing international trust infrastucture. Topics vary and are developed by a community-driven program committee.

Advance CAMP Attendees explore emerging identity-related trends as well as discuss development topics associated with broader community coordination. Starting in 2009, Advance CAMPs have served as identity summits, developing common approaches to identity challenges and open source software development.

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About the CAMP series — Since 2002, the Campus Architecture and Middleware Planning (CAMP) series has focused on issues relating to identity and access management. The meetings have helped to promote effective campus identity practices, and to educate higher education institutions about how to participate in a national and growing international trust infrastucture. As of 2010, CAMP is operated by InCommon with the support of Internet2. CAMP was originally funded by several awards from the National Science Foundation and delivered as a partnership between Internet2 and EDUCAUSE.

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