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Certificate Service Documents and Resources

The following documents describe the operational practices and general terms and conditions for using the InCommon Certificate Service. The InCommon Collaborate wiki includes links to technical documents and service endpoints for each of the certificate types issued by the InCommon Certificate Service.

If you have questions, please email

Domain Registration Process

Certificate Manager Administrator and User Guides

Comodo maintains the most recent version of these guides on its website:

  • Certificate Manager (CM) Administrator Guide (for RAOs)
  • Client Certificate end-user guide
  • SSL Certificate end-user guide: enrollment, collection, installation and renewal
  • Code Signing Certificate end-user guide
  • DCV guide

SSL Certificate Documents

Client Certificate Documents

Code Signing Documents

IGTF Server Certificate Documents

API Documents

InCommon SHA2/RSA Production (SHA384) Intermediate Cert (PEM format)

Root Cert for InCommon test CA (for testing purposes only)

InCommon Object Identifiers (OIDs)

Policy Documents

Comodo Certificate Manager Screencasts

These three screencasts introduce you to the Certificate Manager (CM). While these videos use what is now an old version of the CSM, we believe they are still helpful and useful.

VideoIntroduction to the Certificate Manager (CM) (11:45)

  • Certificate Management for SSL, Client, Code Signing
  • Configuration of Certificate Specifications
  • Organization and Departments
  • Domain Management
  • Notifications Options for Activities
  • Encryption, Certificate Discovery on all known servers
    • Email Templates
    • Reports
    • Creating and Managing RAOs & DRAOs

VideoCreate a Department and Set-up a Department Administrator (10:13)

  • Creating a Department
  • Configuring Department Permissions
  • Creating a Department-level admin (DRAO)
  • Requesting an SSL Certificate
  • Downloading the SLL Certificate

VIdeoOrder an SSL Certificate (4:09)


  • Requesting an SSL Certificate
  • Approving and Downloading the SSL Certificate
  • Requesting a Wildcard Certificate

Other Comodo Screencasts

Comodo has produced a few helpful screenshot videos that you may find helpful. These are not specific to InCommon Certificate Service, but may help on a specific topic.


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