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Types of Certificates Available (links to wiki)


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Certificate Service Documents and Resources

The following documents describe the operational practices and general terms and conditions for using the InCommon Certificate Service. The InCommon Certificate Service wiki includes additional technical information about the cert service.

If you have questions, please email

Domain Registration Process

Certificate Manager Administrator and User Guides

Sectigo (formerly Comodo) maintains the most recent version of these guides on its website:

  • Certificate Manager (CM) Administrator Guide (for RAOs)
  • Client Certificate end-user guide
  • SSL Certificate end-user guide: enrollment, collection, installation and renewal
  • Code Signing Certificate end-user guide
  • DCV guide
  • Certificate Manager SMIME Enroll API Guide
  • Certificate Manager SSL Web Service API Guide

Single Sign-On and Multifactor Authentication Available - If you have an identity provider in InCommon and you support multifactor, your cert administrators can take advantage of this feature.

SSL Certificate Documents

Extended Validation and Anchor Certificates

Client Certificate Documents

Code Signing Documents

IGTF Server Certificate Documents

InCommon SHA2/RSA Production (SHA384) Intermediate Cert (PEM format)

Root Cert for InCommon test CA (for testing purposes only)

InCommon Object Identifiers (OIDs)

Policy Documents

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