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Subscribing to the InCommon Certificate Service

InCommon offers the InCommon Certificate Service to the higher education community, providing unlimited server and personal certificates at a low, fixed fee.

1. Are you eligible for the InCommon Certificate Service?

The certificate service is open to:

  • Any higher education institution with its primary location in the United States, and that qualifies for a primary domain name in .edu.
  • Not-for-profit regional research and education networking organizations in the United States.

If you have a question about eligibility, please email

Check to see if your institution already subscribes to the certificate service.

2. Are you already an InCommon Participant?

  • You can check here to see if your institution participates in InCommon.
  • If you are already an InCommon Participant, skip to Step #4.
  • If you are not an InCommon Participant, go to step #3.

3. Join InCommon

InCommon participation is required for participation in the certificate service. You can pursue joining InCommon and subscribing to the certificate service simultaneously. You don't need to wait until you have joined InCommon to start the certificate subscription process.

InCommon participation requires completing the InCommon Participation Agreement and submitting a one-time registration fee and an annual fee. The Join InCommon web page has a step-by-step guide to the process.

4. Complete the Subscriber Addendum

  1. Review the certificate service fee schedule.
  2. InCommon uses Docusign to electronically sign agreements and streamline the joining process. Use this link to sign the Certificate Service Addendum. There is a downloadable hard copy of the agreement for review purposes, but not for signing. If you have any questions about the addendum or this process, please email
  3. If you are a member of PASSHE, please use the PASSHE-specific addendum [DOC] and see the PASSHE terms and conditions. This version of the addendum does not use Docusign and requires a written signature and can be sent to

5. InCommon will Countersign the Subscriber Addendum

6. Payment of Annual Fee

InCommon will email an invoice for payment of the first year’s Certificate Service annual fee. Subsequent invoices for years two and three will be emailed about a month prior to the subscriber anniversary date. As the fee schedule demonstrates, fees are based on an institution's Carnegie classification.

7. Appointment of Registration Authority Officer(s)

  1. InCommon will contact your campus InCommon Executive contact, who will appoint up to three Registration Authority Officers (RAO). RAOs have access to the Certificate Manager (CM) interface with administrative control, the ability to issue certificates, the ability to appoint Department Registration Authority Officers (DRAO), and other responsibilities.

  2. Each campus can appoint a maximum of three RAOs for the entire certificate service. These RAOs will manage SSL, EV, client, and all other types of certificates.

  3. InCommon will identity-proof the RAO(s) and issue credentials via telephone.

8. Manage Your Domains via the CM

The RAO(s) now have access to the Certificate Manager (CM).

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