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InCommon Advisory Committees Start New Terms in 2022

InCommon’s advisory committees and working groups provide leadership opportunities for community members who contribute their insights, expertise, and talents within Identity and Access Management. From these collaborations, we develop best practices, implement technologies, identify challenges, work to fill gaps, and strengthen relationships with colleagues and peers.

Working Groups that Engage the Community

Curious what each committee does to help move the community forward? Please check the section below with links to committees’ respective wiki pages for additional information.

InCommon Steering Committee

The InCommon Steering Committee provides high-level governance, including policies and general practices primarily for the InCommon Federation and related community activities. Meeting minutes are available on the wiki. You can find the InCommon bylaws, which govern the Steering Committee, and the InCommon LLC document, along with a number of other documents, on the Policies page.

Below is the current membership. We also maintain a list of all past and present InCommon Steering members.


Member Role: InCommon Steering Committee Organization Term Ends
Rachana Ananthakrishnan Member Globus, University of Chicago 2023
Michael Berman Member California State University 2022
Brad Christ (Chair) Chair Eastern Washington University 2023
Kristi Holmes Member Northwestern University 2023
Jeremy Livingston Member Stevens Institute of Technolgy 2023
Christine Miki Member Benelogic 2023
Chris Misra Secretary University of Massachusetts Amherst 2023
Laura Paglione (Secretary) Member Spherical Cow Group 2023
Dave Robinson Member Grinnell College 2022
Marc Wallman Vice Chair North Dakota State University 2022
Ann West Member Internet2
Elaine Alejo Flywheel Internet2
Advisors Role
David Bantz Advisor – InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board University of Alaska 2023
Rob Carter Advisor – Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity Duke University 2022
Von Welch Research Community Advisor Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research 2022
Keith Wessel Advisor – InCommon Technical Advisory Committee University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2022
Kevin Marooney Advisor – InCommon Steering Committee Internet2
Steve Zoppi Advisor – InCommon Steering Committee Internet2
Jeremy Livingston Advisor – eduroam-US Advisory Committee Stevens Institute of Technology 2022

InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provides recommendations relating to the operation and management of InCommon Federation with respect to technical issues. It is advisory to the InCommon Steering Committee. The TAC charter is available on the web and the  TAC wiki includes public meeting minutes and other information.

Current Membership (you can also view a list of all past and present TAC members)

Member Organization Term Ends
Matt Brookover Colorado School of Mines 2023
Judith Bush OCLC 2023
Janemarie Duh Lafayette College 2021
Matthew Economou Independent Contractor 2021
Heather Flanagan, Vice-Chair Spherical Cow Consulting 2023
Eric Goodman University of California Office of the President 2022
Mary McKee Duke University 2021
Steven Premeau University of Maine 2023
Mark Rank Cirrus Identity 2022
Keith Wessel, Chair University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 2022
Subject Matter Experts (non-voting)
David Walker Independent


InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB)

The Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) represents the InCommon community in InCommon Federation’s trust and assurance related programs and initiatives. It is advisory to the InCommon Steering Committee. The CTAB wiki includes the charter, meeting minutes, and additional information

Member Organization Term Ends
Rachana Ananthakrishnan Globus/University of Chicago 2021
Pål Axelsson SUNET 2022
Brett Bieber University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2021
David Bantz, Chair University of Alaska 2023
Ercan Elibol Florida Polytechnic University 2022
Richard Frovarp North Dakota State University 2022
Meshna Koren Elsevier 2023
Jon Miner University of Wisconsin-Madison 2023
Andy Morgan Oregon State University 2023
John Pfeifer University of Maryland, College Park 2021
Chris Whalen Research Data and Communication Technologies 2022
Robert Zybeck Portland Community College 2022
Jule Ziegler Leibniz Supercomputing Centre 2022
Tom Barton University of Chicago

Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group

The Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group provides community input and guidance for the creation and direction of Internet2 Trust and Identity programs and services overall including all InCommon software, services and activities. The PAG includes broad representation from research and education and is advisory to Internet2’s Vice President for Trust and Identity. Minutes and additional information are on the Trust and Identity PAG wiki.


Brad Christ, Eastern Washington University
Margaret Cullen, Painless Security
Laura Paglione, Spherical Cow Group
Marc Wallman, North Dakota State University
Klaas Wierenga, GEANT

Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI)

The Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI) is a standing architecture strategy group of community members chartered by Internet2’s Vice President for Trust and Identity. CACTI members include a broad representation from research and education. Minutes and additional information are available on the CACTI wiki.

Member Organization Term End Date
John Bradley Independent 2023
Robert Carter, Chair Duke University 2022
Margaret Cullen Painless Security 2022
Licia Florio GÉANT 2024
Stoney Gan University of South Florida 2023
Mike Grady Unicon 2022
Kevin Hickey University of Detroit Mercy 2023
Marina Krenz REN-ISAC 2023
Barry Johnson Clemson University 2023
Les LaCroix Carleton College 2023
Jeremy Perkins Instructure 2023
Christopher Phillips,
CANARIE, Inc. (Canada’s National Research and Education Network) 2023
Erik Scott RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute) 2024
Bill Thompson Lafayette College 2022

eduroam-US Advisory Committee (eAC)

To facilitate stronger and more responsive engagement with the eduroam community, Internet2 sought out knowledgable, motivated volunteers to form the eduroam Advisory Committee. The eduroam-US Advisory Committee (“eAC”) is intended to be an advisory body to the Internet2 Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI). Its role is to help formulate strategies and practices for US and global research and education roaming networks, report any findings, and make recommendations to CACTI and Internet2.

The eAC meets regularly as well as creating working groups as needed. You can view the committee’s charter, learn more about its mission, and view publicly available meeting minutes on its wiki page.

Jeremy Livingston, Stevens University – Chair
Jeff Egly, Utah Education and Telehealth Network – Vice ChairAndrew Buker, University of Nebraska
David Morton, University of Washington
Kim Owen, North Dakota State University
Neil Johnson, University of Iowa
Rob Gorrell, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Stefan Winter, RESTENA
Theresa Semmens, Nevada System of Higher Education
Tim Cappalli, Microsoft

Middleware Architecture Committee for Education (MACE) (retired)

MACE (Middleware Architecture Committee for Education) brought together an international group of leading campus IT architects for information sharing in order to help advance an interoperable middleware infrastructure for research and education.

In 2017, MACE passed that baton to the Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI) advisory group.

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