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InCommon Education and Outreach

InCommon offers a number of education and training programs:

Annual Identity Meeting - Each year, the community gathers for an identity-oriented meeting, typically including CAMP and Advance CAMP.

CAMP promotes effective campus identity practices and educates higher education institutions and their partners about participating in a national and growing international trust infrastucture. Topics vary and are developed by a community-driven program committee

Advance CAMP attendees explore emerging identity-related trends as well as discuss development topics associated with broader community coordination. Starting in 2009, Advance CAMPs have served as identity summits, developing common approaches to identity challenges and open source software development.

IAM Online - a monthly webinar series featuring federated identity management essentials, advanced issues in IAM, and hot topics from the EDUCAUSE Identity and Access Management Working Group.

Shibboleth Workshop Series - providing an intensive technical installation and configuration experience with Shibboleth Federated Single Sign-on Software.

InCommon Online Forum - A webinar featuring policy and technical discussions with the InCommon Steering Committee, the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee and InCommon's collaboration groups.

InCommon Affiliate Webinar Series - Affiliates discuss their solutions to security and identity and access management issues.

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