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Connector Agreement and Fees Background

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eduroam Agreement and Invoice Background

Internet2 contracted the operation of eduroam to ANYROAM LLC in 2012 and has run the service at no cost to eduroam connectors since that time. Now with more than 500 subscribers, we need to ensure the service is sustainable and continues to meet your needs.

Toward that end, in mid-May (2017) Internet2 will ask all current eduroam connectors to sign a community-vetted eduroam Connector Agreement, which outlines the terms of service and clarifies the roles of the connectors and of Internet2.

For Internet2 Higher Education Members

eduroam is provided as part of your Internet2 member benefit, so you pay no annual fees. While you are subject to the one-time $700 registration fee, we will waive the registration fee if you sign the eduroam Connector Agreement with no changes. We may also waive the fee if a change is mandated by state law, as determined by Internet2.

For all other eduroam subscribers

Upon signing the agreement, you will receive an invoice covering your use of eduroam services in 2016 and 2017. Internet2 will invoice paying subscribers for the new 2017 Initial Term and also for 2016. If you began using eduroam in 2016, your invoice amount will be an amount equal to the annual fee divided by the number of days in 2016 you were actively connected to eduroam.

The fee structure includes both a one-time $700 registration fee plus an annual fee (see the annual fee structure here). Note that we will waive the registration fee for institutions that sign the agreement with no changes. We may also waive the fee if a change is mandated by state law, as determined by Internet2.

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