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eduroam for K-12, Libraries, and Museums

Streamlined eduroam on-ramp for for K-12, libraries, and museums

A new way to bridge the digital divide
for K-12, libraries, and museums

Regional and state-wide organizations working to provide eduroam for their K-12, library and museum constituents.

Quick Facts about eduroam Support Organizations

Please note: You do not have to be an Internet2 member or InCommon Participant in order to subscribe to eduroam.

Expanding eduroam to additional communities

The true value of eduroam increases with its ubiquity. eduroam in every primary and secondary educational institution, library, and public space boosts the value proposition of the service immensely and regional networks and community anchor institutions present a unique and powerful partner to address this scaling challenge. At the same time, we can help make community services, and the community that provides them, more sticky. K12s as well as libraries and museums that are part of the K12 ecosystem have thus far been underserved by eduroam in the US. eduroam Support Organizations leverage their existing relationships with K12s, libraries, and museums to address this need

Simplified business model for eduroam Support Organizations

To better enable eduroam Support Organizations to serve these communities, this program provides them with a simplified business model, training and resources to build the expertise of their staff, and ongoing support. 

Key responsibilities of Support Organizations include:


The features regarding eduroam Support Organizations fall into three categories. 

Simplified contracting and fee structure

Support of your organization during the program’s ramp-up

Ongoing resources to enable continued success