Subscribing to eduroam

A PDF review copy of the eduroam Connector Agreement is available.

Determine your eligibility for eduroam

Research and Education - Any U.S.-based research organization or education-related institution can join the InCommon eduroam roaming wireless service. This includes non-profit colleges and universities, museums, libraries, research labs, K-12 schools, and others. If you aren't sure if you are eligible, please email

Organizations outside of Research and Education - Any company or organization based in the U.S. can offer eduroam as a wireless access point (sometimes called a Service Provider. For more information about being an eduroam SP in the U.S., contact ANYROAM (the organization contracted by Internet2 to operate the U.S. eduroam infrastructure).

Please note: You do not have to join InCommon or Internet2 in order to subscribe to eduroam.

Sign Up for eduroam

Choose one of these three options:

Sign the eduroam Connector Agreement

The eduroam Connector Agreement (legal agreement to use eduroam in the U.S.) is available to sign via Docusign. A PDF review copy is available here.


Sign Up for a 45-Day Evaluation

Please note: please complete this evaluation only if you are with your institution's IT staff (this is not for individual users).

Click through and acknowledge the eduroam Evaluation Terms of Use.

Don't forget to come back to sign the eduroam Connector Agreement before your 45-day trial period ends.


Service Provider Only

If you want to provide eduroam to your guests, but not to your own users, you can sign up as a "Service Provider Only." For this option, contact ANYROAM directly.

Determine your eduroam subscription Fee

  1. One-time Registration Fee - There is a $700 one-time registration fee for all eduroam subscribers, including Internet2 members. However, if your institution signs the agreement with no changes, we will waive this fee.
  2. Internet2 Higher Education members do not pay the eduroam subscription fees; eduroam is available as a member benefit to those organizations. Internet2 Higher Education members still must sign an eduroam Connector Agreement.
  3. Subscription Fees for organizations that are not Internet2 Higher Education members
    • $0.10 (10 cents) per user per year, based on the "total enrollment" number from your IPEDS data ( The minimum annual fee is $400.
    • Organizations without IPEDS data will be billed based on the self-reported total number of students or employees

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