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eduroam Service

What is eduroam and how does it work?

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Eduroam and InCommon

Connector Agreement and Fees Background

These links lead to ANYROAM

Administrative Login

Administrator Guide

Peering Overview

List of Subscribers

Map of Subscribers (US)

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Eduroam (U.S.) Support

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Please review all available support options before requesting email support.


Password Resets

Support for Connector Administrators (common issues)

Access to the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to build installers custom to your organization and available for a range of popular PC and smart phone platforms. This enhances security and simplifies provisioning. Email

Issues with SSL Certificate - Contact your certificate provider and/or the manager of your local authentication infrastructure

Issues with Peering Request Form or Administrative Interface - For issues other than password reset, contact

Peering Issues - If you are experiencing problems peering your SP, IdP, or other infrastructure elements with eduroam’s top level RADIUS servers, review the eduroam Peering Overview and the Administrator’s Guide. If these documents don’t help, contact

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