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Overview Paper: Trusted Relationships for Access Management: the InCommon Model

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Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation

Baseline Expectations for Trust in FederationThe InCommon community has adopted a set of Baseline Expecations for Trust in Federation. When implemented, these will improve interoperability among all InCommon participants and raise the level of trust across the federation.

Information on the January 24 webinar is on the Baseline wiki.

Why Expectations?

The InCommon community has adopted the Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation. Led by the Community Trust and Assurance Board, the community determined that a set of common expectations that all Participants meet would:

  • provide a baseline for trust
  • make collaboration more predictable
  • ensure that the InCommon Federation’s strategic value to research and education continues to grow

InCommon as Infrastructure

The InCommon Federation has become an infrastructure that campuses and services rely on for academic collaborations. To be effective:

  • federated logins need to be trusted by service providers
  • service providers need to be trusted to properly protect personal information they receive
  • all parts of the federation system need to operate in a manner that makes it as easy as possible for users to access the services they need. It breaks down when some InCommon Participants don’t meet these expectations.

The Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation are comprised of three brief sets of statements aimed at the major operational units in the Federation: Identity Provider Operators (IdP), Service Provider Operators (SP), and the Federation Operator.

The community has also developed a maintenance and implementation plan, including creating procedures and tools to help InCommon Participants meet the expectations.

Expectations and Background

Visit the Baseline Expectations wiki space for the expectations, the foundational documents, and information about the implementation plan.

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