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Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation (foundational document)

Baseline Expectations FAQ (leads to wiki)

Processes for Consensus and Dispute Resolution (leads to wiki)

Baseline Expectations Overview and Strategy

Baseline Expectations for InCommon Execs

Baseline Expectations Wiki (webinar slides and recordings, blog posts, additional resources and information)

Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation

The InCommon community has adopted the Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation to improve interoperability. Led by the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board, the community determined that a set of common expectations that all participants meet will:

  • provide a baseline for trust
  • make collaboration more predictable
  • ensure that the InCommon Federation’s strategic value to research and education continues to grow

The Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation are comprised of three brief sets of statements for: Identity Provider Operators (IdP), Service Provider Operators (SP), and the Federation Operator.

The community has also developed processes for reaching consensus and resolving displutes. You'll find quick summaries by using the links below. Complete details are available on the wiki.

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