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Community Consensus Process for Interpreting Baseline Expectations

Baseline Expectations logoBaseline Expectations contain requirements that are expressed at a high level and may need interpretation to determine how they apply to specific operational circumstances. That interpretation will happen through a defined community consensus process. This page summarizes the process and is neither complete nor authoritative. The full process is part of the document Baseline Expectations Community Consensus Process.

The InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) will define the process to be used for raising a question about how Baseline Expectations applies to a given operational circumstance. CTAB members will facilitate discussion as needed to reflect points of agreement and disagreement.

As a result of the discussion, CTAB may provide interpretative guidance, recommend changes to the Baseline Expectations, or determine whether the item would be better approached by other means, such as a working group or other community-driven process.


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