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Community Dispute Resolution Process

Baseline Expectations logoThe Community Dispute Resolution Process is used to address concerns that may arise about some aspect of an entity’s operation from the perspective of meeting Baseline Expectations. This page provides information about the process as well as how to submit a dispute.


Dispute resolution proceeds by stages, using an informal and lightweight method at first, and progressing to further formality and rigor only if needed. This page summarizes the process and is neither complete nor authoritative. The process is described in Baseline Expectations: Community Dispute Resolution Process.

Dispute Resolution chart thumbnail This flowchart shows the process in graphical form.

Submitting a Dispute

Contact Your Partner First: When a Concerned Party believes they have noticed something about a Participant’s operation that may not meet Baseline Expectations, they should use published contact information to try to resolve the concern with the Participant informally and directly. InCommon need not be made aware of the concern or its successful resolution.

If Your Concern Did Not Get Resolved, Submit a Dispute to InCommon: If the First Stage does not produce a successful resolution, the Concerned Party may request that InCommon address the concern with the Participant by sending email to InCommon staff will work with the parties to attempt to reach a solution. InCommon staff will work with the parties to attempt to reach a solution

Still no Resolution? The Community Decides: In the third stage, the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) becomes involved and the issue is resolved in a public docket.

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