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Intent to Alter Metadata

Baseline Expectations logoAs a Federation Operator adhering to Baseline Expectations, InCommon implements several processes to ensure that Participants’ federation metadata is accurate. This page summarizes the process and is not complete nor authoritative. The full process is part of the document, "Process to Maintain Baseline Expectations by InCommon and Its Members."

InCommon will use this process as a last attempt to notify a Participant organization of an identity provider or service provider that does not meet Baseline Expectations. This will occur when InCommon metadata checking has failed to elicit a required correction by the Participant to its entity metadata.

The InCommon Steering Committee, upon the recommendation of the Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) will take this step after exhausting all avenues of collaborative resolution Steering will authorize InCommon staff to remove or alter the entity.

InCommon will ensure that appropriate controls are in place to mitigate the possibility of an unauthorized reinstatement of an entity altered or removed by this process. The Baseline Expectations processes include a reinstatement process.

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