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InCommon Operations and Metadata Accruacy

Baseline Expectations logoInCommon Operations will take a number of steps to help participants stay aware of the completeness and accuracy of the metadata elements required by Baseline Expectations.

Initially, InCommon Operations will generate a metadata health check each month, sending email to the site admins and InCommon exec. The health check will determine whether the entity contains the elements required by Baseline Expectations:

  1. A display name
  2. A privacy statement URL
  3. A logo URL
  4. A technical contact
  5. An administrative contact
  6. A security contact

Once the technology is in place, here is a progression of steps that InCommon Operations will take to validate each entity’s contact info, MDUI (metadata user interface) information, Error URLS, and Privacy URLs. Note that everything from step 3 onward only occur if the preceding steps do not conclude satisfactorily.

  1. InCommon Operations will send email to each email contact with an embedded code so that replying to the email will automatically update an associated database. This will happen every six months.
  2. Monitor MDUI information, Error and Privacy URLs for an acceptable response and if any fail continuously for two weeks, re-notify the associated contacts.
  3. Run a report on the database after the notification or reply has expired (2 weeks) and send a follow up to non-respondents.
  4. Run another report after 2 weeks and send a follow up to Executive Contact or a senior IT manager (which is not kept in metadata) of non-respondent Participants.
  5. Send second notice to Executive Contact or senior IT manager if no answer after 2 weeks.
  6. Phone call to Executive Contact or senior IT manager. Repeat 3 tries over 2 weeks if necessary.
  7. Use Process to Notify InCommon Community of Intent to Alter Participant Metadata. Notices due to unverified contact information or unacceptable MDUI information, Error or Privacy URLs should state clearly that
    1. InCommon is using this means as a last resort to contact someone at Participant to resolve the issue, which is the desired outcome,
    2. If no contact can be made after 1 month, InCommon will have no choice but to remove or alter Participant’s $Entity metadata on $Date, and
    3. The specific basis in the FOPP or PA for that action, if no contact is made.

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