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Collaboration is the name of the game in research and scholarly activities these days, with tools, wikis, websites, and other collaboration resources located at a variety of locations.

To make it easier to deploy such services, and make the user experience as seamless as possilbe, InCommon has created categories. Service providers join the appopriate category and identity providers release one set of attributes to the category.

Research & Scholarship Category

The first category is Research & Scholarship for service providers that support research and scholarly activities such as virtual organizations and campus-based collaboration services.

Participating IdPs will agree to release a minimal set of attributes to the R&S category (name, email address, user identifier, trageted ID, and user affiliation). This can be done with a one-time modification to the IdP’s default attribute release policy, which will apply to the entire R&S category of SPs.

Currently, most identity providers (IdPs) share only an “opaque identifier” (that is, no attributes) by default. The R&S category provides a simpler and more scalable approach for IdPs than negotiating attribute release bilaterally with every service provider.

Additional Research & Scholarship Category Resources

List of R&S Service Providers

Identity Providers that support R&S

Complete category description, including requirements, list of attributes, and policy considerations.

Application for service providers to join the category.

Deployment Considerations (for both SPs and IdPs)

High-level FAQ for Identity Providers

Configuring a Shibboleth IdP to release attributes to an R&S Service Provider

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