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Supporting Collaboration

The InCommon Federation supports seamless global collaboration among faculty, researchers, staff, and students. This is only achievable with the support of all participants. Here's what you can do.

Meet Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation

  • Community-driven program to improve interoperability and trust, reducing variability
  • Establishes short lists of expectations for Identity Providers, Service Providers, and the Federation Operator
  • Metadata requirements include technical and administrative contact information and URLs for your privacy policy and logo

Support the Research & Scholarship Category

  • This international standard specifies releasing a small bundle of attributes (mainly directory information) to the category of R&S services
  • Allows for seamless access to virtual organizations and collaborations globally, without intervention from IT.

Adopt SIRTFI (Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity)

  • This international standard provides a mechanism to facilitate effective incident response collaboration
  • SIRTFI adopters agree to operational security standards, incident response, and traceability
  • SIRTFI describes practices and attributes that identify an organization as being capable of effectively participating in incident response

NSF Includes InCommon Requirements for Cyberinfrastructure Grants

In announcing the 2018 grant process for its Campus Cyberinfrastructure program (CC*), the National Science Foundation included submitting campus status and plans for participating in the InCommon Federation, campus support for R&S, and whether the campus meets Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation.

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