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“In the past, every SSO integration was a custom approach requiring new development and testing. In addition, previous SSO integrations were mixed in terms of the level of security they provided. We were impressed with InCommon's approach to providing a standardized mechanism for higher education clients to share authentication data in a very secure manner.”
   - Gordon Capreol, UniversityTickets

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InCommon provides a way for you to save money, to save time and effort every time you add a new client or customer, and to get out of the business of managing user credentials.

You focus on your core business and let your college and university clients manage the user accounts. And you do it in a way that scales - eliminating custom integration work because InCommon participants follow standard practices.

Users enjoy single sign-on convenience and privacy, your college and university clients maintain the credentials database, and you see dramatically reduced help desk expenses and account provisioning expenses.

InCommon provides the policy and technical framework that makes all of this possible.

Why InCommon?

Cost Savings

  • No more account provisioning
  • Significantly reduced help desk calls
  • Eliminate custom integration work with clients
  • Focus on your core business rather than identity management
  • Adding new clients and customers is a snap

Standard Practices

  • Policy is standard throughout the federation
  • Technology is standard throughout the federation, centered on SAML
  • Well-defined attributes make interaction consistent with all other participants
  • Integration work with new customers is greatly reduced

Security and Privacy

  • Your college or university customer maintains the identity directory and controls security and privacy
  • Fewer data spills through the use of attributes
  • Your customer does the authentication; you do the authorization

Simplified Operations

  • Policy and technology standards means federation scales!
  • Adding a customer takes very little time
  • Single sign-on provides a simplified user experience
  • East of set-up saves time and money
  • You eliminate the need to provision accounts

Join InCommon

Sponsored partners need a higher education sponsor; otherwise, the process and requirements are the same as for higher education participants.

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