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Identity Week
October 26-30, 2014

J.W. Marriott Hotel
Indianapolis, Indiana

Identity Week 2014 is part of the 2014 Technology Exchange, convened by Internet2 with the Department of Energy's Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), and hosted by Indiana Universit. This provides the opportunity to interact with security, network engineering, and cloud services professionals, as well as participate in this annual gathering of the identity tribe.

InCommon Identity Week, led by Internet2, brings together the InCommon community, identity management technical implementers and architects, and U.S. and international leaders in the field of identity and access management.

Identity Week

What's Corporate Camp?

Companies that support identity management, and particularly federated identity management consulting or solutions, will benefit from Corporate CAMP, a half-day meeting that will conclude the 2014 Identity Week at the Technology Exchange. The meeting will:‚Äč

  • convene a discussion around supporting the research and education community with federated identity management, withwww specifics on how companies can help their clients
  • provide an overview and discussion about the 2015 goals and direction for InCommon, particularly those relating to making federation easier
  • offer information about planned architectural and technical work related to making federation easier

Identity Week 2013

See the program and information from the 2013 Identity Week.

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