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InCommon Participation Fees

Each participant in the InCommon Federation pays a one-time registration fee and also an annual fee. Please note: InCommon fees are separate from Internet2 dues and you do not need to be an Internet2 member to join InCommon.

Registration Fee

There is a one-time registration fee of $700 to cover the costs of vetting your organization.

2019 Annual Fees (see 2020 fees below)

Higher Education

Annual fees for Higher Education institutions (HE) are based on Carnegie Classification. You can see a complete HE fees chart here or find your Carnegie classification here.

Annual Fees for Higher Education InstitutionsLevelAnnual Fee
Doctoral: Very High ResearchL1$5,025
Doctoral: High ResearchL2$4,025
Doctoral: Professional Universities, Masters (Larger Programs), Medical SchoolsL3$2,575
All other Carnegie ClassificationsL4$1,755

Research Organizations

Annual fees for research organizations are based on number of full-time equivalent (FTE) staff.

Annual Fees for Research Organizations LevelAnnual Fee
FTE more than 10,000
FTE 2,000-10,000
FTE less than 2,000

Sponsored Partners

Annual fees for sponsored partners are based on annual revenue.

Annual Fees for Sponsored PartnersLevelAnnual Fee
Revenue of $1B or greaterL1$5,025
Revenue less than $1B and more than $10ML3$2,575
Revenue $10M or lessL4$1,755

Certificate-Only Participants

Participants that subscribe to the Certificate Service and do not have an entry in the InCommon Federation metadata (as of October 1 of the year) pay a reduced annual fee. Note that the Certificate Service subscription fee is separate from the annual InCommon participation fee.

InCommon Annual Fees for Certificate Subscribers with no Federation metadataLevelAnnual Fee
Doctoral: Highest ResearchL1$4,138
Doctoral: Higher ResearchL2$3,363
Doctoral: Research, Masters Larger, Medical SchoolsL3$2,088
All other Carnegie ClassificationsL4$1,468

Annual Fees Effective January 1, 2020

The InCommon Steering Committee has approved a new fee schedule, effective January 1, 2020. Please note that this fee schedule replaces all of the schedules above. Invoices with the new rates will be sent in early November of this year. Details on the fee change and the community input and discussion process are on this wiki page, which also links to this Fee Change FAQ.

2020 Annual Fees, effective January 1, 2020Annual Fee
Level 1$12,000
Level 2$9,000
Level 3$6,000
Level 4$2,500

About Annual Fees

Annual fees include the registration of one identity management system and up to fifty (50) service provider entities. A participant may only register a system over which it has management control. Third-party systems are not permitted as outlined in the participation agreement. The base annual package allows for one IdP and up to 50 Service Provider IDs, which are registered individually as needed. With the registration of the 51st SP, InCommon will issue an invoice for another package of 50 as part of the next year’s annual fee.

Annual fees are prorated for your first year of participation. Annual fees support the ongoing operations of InCommon and are prorated on a daily basis in the first year, based on the day and month in which a participant joins. After this first year, annual fees for all participants are not prorated and are due on January 1.

Adding an Identity Provider or Service Providers

Adding an additional identity provider, or another 50 service providers, is an additional $1,000 annually. This fee is prorated during its first year based on the day and month in which this additional service is added.