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Putting the User in “User Consent”

By Ken Klingenstein, Identity EvangelistInternet2 The Original Vision of federated identity anticipated a thriving ecosystem where attributes, more than identities, were carefully exchanged between holders of those attributes and relying parties to provide appropriate services. Privacy would be preserved; scalable access control would be enabled; users would be empowered. What…

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Baseline Expectations Survey Summary

By David Bantz, University of Alaska and vice-chair of CTAB  In 2017, the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) began leading the InCommon community to develop and transition to Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation. The Baseline Expectations define a set of common practices aimed to increase…

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Early Reports: MDQ Proving a Time-Saver

Looking for reasons to consider the production release candidate of the InCommon metadata query service (MDQ)? Here’s an in-use memory graph at the moment a university switched to using MDQ in its production identity provider servers. In addition, a service provider reports: “We were able to switch to using…