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Join InCommon - Research Organizations

This page is for Research Organization participants

1. Are You Eligible?

Research Organizations: A Research Organization is defined as a lab, facility, or center related to a particular federal research agency and listed on an official publicly available government listing. Research Organizations are eligible to sponsor partners into the federation.

2. Review the Fee Schedule

Each participant in the InCommon Federation pays a one-time registration fee and also an annual fee. Please note: InCommon fees are separate from Internet2 dues and you do not need to be an Internet2 member to join InCommon.

  • See the fee schedule for research organizations - there is a one-time registration fee and an annual fee.
  • The one-time registration fee covers the costs of vetting your organization, and identity proofing your executive and administrator.
  • The annual fee supports the ongoing operations of the federation.

3. Sign the Participation Agreement

InCommon uses Docusign to electronically sign agreements and streamline the joining process. Use this link to sign the InCommon Participation Agreement. There is a downloadable hard copy of the agreement for review purposes, but not for signing. If you have any questions about the agreement or this process, please email

4. Send Supporting Documents

  1. Provide evidence of being operated and/or funded by a federal research agency (listing on an official publicly available government listing)
  2. Provide documentation of your FTE count (such as a URL of a relevant web page, a page from an annual report, or a letter/email assertion).

The rest of the joining process is the same as that for a higher education institution, starting with #4 on the Join page.

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