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Shibboleth Training



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InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshops

Need training on Shibboleth installation and support? Interested in getting the most out of your InCommon Federation participation? Consider attendiing an InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshop.

  • Two-day workshop
  • Installation/configuration of both Identity Provider and Service Provider
  • Identity Provider training uses the TIER version packaged in a Docker container (see the TIER wiki space for more information)
  • Trainings are guided self-paced for installation, plus presentations on using the containerized version, configuration, and the DevOps proces in use for software development and upgrades

Training Sessions Completed for 2018

We're revamping the training and will begin offering the new version in 2019. We have no additional sessions scheduled for 2018.


For information about the InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshops, contact Dean Woodbeck at

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