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Guest Systems

Software: InCommon Trusted Access Platform

Provide access to guests and affiliates in a lightweight way

Providing guest access for student families, alumni, contracted personnel, or others who need access can put a strain on IT staff. The InCommon Trusted Access Platform provides a lightweight solution.

Providing guest access can be a thorny issue for campus IT departments, potentially adding thousands of accounts (many lightly used) to the enterprise directory and software. The research and education community developed a solution through the InCommon Trusted Access Platform. Benefits include:

The institution can manage access to the specific resources to which guests need access. Donors can check their giving records. Parents (with the appropriate permissions) can have access to student grades and bills. Contractors can access purchasing or project management resources. All without the need for central IT to create and manage new identities and accounts.

Case Study: Colorado State University

Learn how CSU Implemented its guest system and the features that system provides.

COmanage can help

See how one component of the InCommon Trusted Access Platform, COmanage, can tie together mailing lists, wikis, and other resources.