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Partnering for K-14: The InCommon Steward Program

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InCommon Steward Program:
Federation for K-14

The InCommon Steward Program extends the benefits of federated identity management to K-12 school districts and community colleges. The Steward (a state or regional network) manages the implementation and InCommon provides the infrastructure and operational experience.

Benefits for the Steward

  • Enhances collaboration with K-12 and community college members
  • Federated identity management reduces support traffic by reducing signons
  • Federated IdP increases security and simplicity by reducing the need for multiple credentials
  • Provides access to a national trust infrastructure and teaching, learning and research services across all of U.S. research and education
  • Leverages the existing InCommon Federation technical and support infrastructure

Benefits for the School District and Community College

  • New possibilities for sharing of services and software
  • Potential seamless transition from one educational level to the next
  • Access to national and international resources
  • Reduces the number of passwords individuals need to remember, and reduces the likelihood that their credentials will be compromised
  • The Steward manages the technical infrastructure, so no need for additional resources and technical expertise

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